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I REFUSE IT / ULTIMA THULE Mind the gap Lp 88 (Inward collapse)

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Comme promis à Fernando, voici donc le split Lp IRI/UT.
Je vais en profiter pour récapituler ce qui avait été dit dans le post de I REFUSE IT et rajouté dans les commentaires.
Ce split Lp est donc sorti en 88 mais peut être que les morceaux d'IRI datent de 86 (?). Ultima thule ne sont pas les suédois nationalistes. J'ai lu quelque part que le batteur était celui de Stazione suicida mais que le groupe était anglais.
La face d'IRI a été réédité sous le titre Mind the gap en 89.
Un cd discographie d'IRI a été édité en 2003.
Une lettre de promo était glissée dans le disque mais elle ne nous apprend rien du tout.

A part ça, je bosse comme un con (je dis comme un con parce que j'aime pas ça et que j'aie qu'une envie c'est glander au soleil), j'ai plus une seconde à consacrer à mon blog adoré. J'ai fait un myspace pour pouvoir contacter les groupes que je "pirate" mais comme le blog, j'ai pas le temps de m'en occuper.

I REFUSE IT / ULTIMA THULE Mind the gap LP 88 ( 13 mp3 + pochette recto/verso + lettre de promo)

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Anonyme a dit…

Merci merci merci!!!
I want to say something in French but with help of the dictionary so excuse me & help me if I fail: tu tiens parole! (er... I mean something like: you promised it and now you do it, so you're a reliable man)
Hoho it sounds totally clumsy!
Yes it was recorded in 1986 in the last months of the year since, according to the IRI bio in the CD, they did it when they went on a mini-English tour in october '86.
Btw the CD was announced since 2001 or so but the real release date is 2005, it's stated on the cover.
Like I said the CD has a cleaner remix so I'm looking forward to listen to this raw vinyl! and finally get to hear these Ultima Thule. Mmm...
Did I say it already? Yes, but again: thanks!!! Merci mon ami

Fernando :)

gone a dit…

an old friend from newport put this out on his label inward collapse not seen him for years since he moved to london last i heard.not seen a copy of this for ages..cheers

Curious Guy a dit…

I think there's only 500 made of this one. My copy doesn't have the promo sheet but from what I understand I'm not missing anything.

Stu a dit…

hey hey I am Stuart from the band Ultima thule ,I have not seen this record on the internet before,and I'm glad somebody still likes it,yes we where from london and were very pissed off when we found out about the fascist band from sweden,but we had been called that for a while so didnt want to change our name,Max our drummer ,was the ex player from statione suicide , he is now a yoga teacher back in italy i think, IRI did come over to london for a short tour, when the guy from Newport said he would pay for our split album,we recorded it at Arkantide which was the studio of Rick buckler the drummer from "the Jam" in Islington ,north london,ultima thule did a second full album called "Bombolini Hey" if you want i could post alink to it once i have turned it from a wav file which is all i have at the moment,so agaiin glad you enjoyed our stuff Stuart

jolicoeur a dit…

Hello Stuart,
Thank you for your comment and the information.
You saw I posted your 7" too?
Un second Lp? Oh yes, if you can post a link, it would be very nice.
Sorry because I don't speak english (I understand your comment but I can't write) and than kyou again (for the music and for the comment).
Jean marc

Russell Wilks a dit…

Apologies my French is limited.

I am said 'guy from Newport (Wales, Pays de Gallois)' who put this out- Russell Wilks.

I Refuse It played a split tour of the U.K (NOT Fucking 'England' !!!) with Ultima Thule. I loved both bands.

Oct 1986 Stow Hill Labour Club Newport, Wales. I Refuse It played (so did Ultima Thule??)

I'd been corresponding with Steffano Bettini the singer of I Refuse It for a couple of months.

After the show I asked Steffano if they wanted to record an album.

November 1986 we went to Arkentide Studios Islington, London. Where we recorded this (about 4 or 5 days each side??). Arkentide was half way up Liverpool Road in a hidden mews/ courtyard.

I was 18. Making all manner of Production decisions. My favourite bit was recording the farmyard like animals of which I am one...

It was a great experience making this. I felt both bands really deserved to be recorded properly. They were excellent musically and good people too.

The studio was the band's choice (a good one). Owned by Rick Buckler and Bruce Foxton of the Jam. Who were in the studio for some of the recording and playback.

I was laughing when they said how much they liked the tracks...They were in the legendary 'The Jam'.

And there they were genuinely getting excited by what was being done.

The Ultima Thule side was recorded early 87. The engineer Mike was a boon - really did a good job and was very helpful.

Took me a year to earn the rest of the money (working as an electrician's mate and a building site labourer) to put this out on my label Inward Collapse in 1988.

I gave the 1/2 inch mastertapes to the guys at Belfagor. That was my way of paying them. So they could own the recording.

True there was only 500 of the black and white sleeves. However Belfagor put this out in Italy etc with the original Chinese Soldier Artwork.

I couldn't afford to print the great Chinese Soldier artwork hence why the black and white cover by my friend Paul Daly - who a few years later went mad (not because I kept asking him to do artwork).

And I gave a wadge of LPs to Stuart of Ultima Thule at his squat in Stockwell. Hello Stuart.

I still have a box of about 30 of these Records on Pristine Vinyl.

After this I Refuse It/ Ultima Thule split Lp I funded the first Nerve Rack (Leeds) album in 1989.

But didn't have the money to put it out so gave the recording to the band (again an excellent band worthy of better things).

email me if you'd like: youractionthisday *at*

jolicoeur a dit…

Fucking england ou fucking UK, c'est la même chose!
Merci pour les informations.

Anonyme a dit…

Hello Jolicoeur, would it be possible to rip this record again and share it with us? Many thanks in advance!

jolicoeur a dit…

Of course but it's not a new rip.

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